Help your kids make smart money decisions.

The savings debit card for kids that supports teachers and their classrooms.


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Frizzmo for Parents

Teach your kids lifelong financial skills.

Parents can use Frizzmo to help teach their kids how to save, spend wisely, and give back to the community. The app gives parents total control and allows them to teach their kids responsible money management at an early age. Parents also get to give back to the teachers that support their kids through the roundup feature on purchases.

Frizzmo for Kids

Earn, save, spend, and give back.

Kids as young as 8 years old can use the app to have more control over their spending, earn money through an allowance, and complete financial literacy games. Kids give back to their favorite teacher through the roundup feature.


Frizzmo for Teachers

Let your educators know you care.

Teachers benefit from the app when their community of parents and kids spend and give back through the app. Consider signing up to start receiving the giveback when we launch.

Your Change Matters

Saving for your future doesn’t have to prevent you from

making a difference. Frizzmo does it all for you.


Build Family Savings

Supports Families

• Save for a Goal

• Plan for emergencies


Donate to Teachers

Supports Education

• Classroom supplies

• Supplemental Materials

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The Frizzmo Giveback!

Together, we can make a real difference.

Every year, teachers spend over $1 Billion (out-of-pocket) on school supplies. So, we figured out a way to help. With Frizzmo, your micro-donations can make a huge difference in helping teachers who need it the most.

Here’s how to join the movement


Step 1


Enroll in Frizzmo and enter your favorite teachers’ email.


Step 2


Shop the brands you love.


Step 3


Teacher automatically receives spare change for classroom supplies.

Security you can trust!

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