Finance Made Fun

When your child grows up, do you want them struggling with debt?

We’ll teach them the skills and give them the tools they’ll need to achieve financial security and more

Frizzmo Clever Cash Kit and two screens from the Frizzmo money management app

Why we’re teaching kids financial literacy

A teacher teaching young kids about finance by pointing at a blackboard that features a graph and giant coins

When we grew up and left the nest, we knew very little about how to handle money. In those days, parents didn’t talk to their kids about the family finances.

So we made heaps of mistakes. But we learned a lot. And, we wanted to pass that knowledge onto our own kids.

But we didn’t know how to talk to our kids about money!

So, we’re helping families have those vital personal finance conversations. And we’re equipping kids with the skills and tools they need to build financially secure futures.

Teaching financial literacy at home is easy when you have the right tools

Frizzmo’s Clever Cash Kit

Our fun financial literacy program teaches all the core concepts that form the foundation of wise financial decisions.

Banking tools for kids

Our parent-managed banking app and debit card give kids the chance to get good at handling real money before they get a job and leave home.

Talking to your kids about money doesn’t have to be an ordeal. And you don’t have to let them run off with your credit card just to give them experience making their own financial decisions. Together, our kit, app, and kids debit card have got you covered.

A boy helping a girl fill out the chore chart from the Frizzmo Clever Cash Kit
Screenshots of the Frizzmo kids banking app

What they’re saying about Frizzmo

My daughter didn't truly understand the point of money and never kept her room clean. Now she's excited to do chores, decides how much pocket money she'll spend, and actually saves some money each week. Pretty good for a kindy kid! And it's all thanks to Frizzmo.


Mother of a 5-year-old

Frizzmo shares our mission, which is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.


Centennial Middle School

My kids are learning the value of doing chores and earning money. We are having great conversations about spending the money they earn wisely. Now they want to invest in stock to make their money work for them. Thank you Frizzmo!


Father of 4

Why Frizzmo is the right choice for financial education

As entrepreneurs, we understand, on a visceral level, what people need to know about money to achieve financial stability and security. As parents and educators, we know how to make educational materials that kids actually enjoy using.

And to make sure our resources cover everything your child needs to know about money, we built fun activities around the milestones for each age group that are listed in The National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education — that’s the robust guidelines for comprehensive money education created by our nations top economics and finance experts.

A giant piggy bank with a mum sitting on top using a laptop, a son putting a giant coin inside the piggy bank, a father carrying a stack of coins, and a daughter carrying a coin up a ladder leaning against the piggy bank.

Why schools love Frizzmo

A teacher sitting on a beanbag reading to a group of young children

Frizzmo promotes financial literacy education for students and supports schools’ fundraising initiatives. For every Clever Cash Kit purchased, $10 is donated to the school. Frizzmo helps schools save on expenses and reduces tedious fundraising efforts while providing students with valuable financial education.



Get clever with cash

Build skills at home

Frizzmo is for families wanting a fun and effective way to teach their kids how to achieve financial independence and stability.


Fund your school

Frizzmo is a great solution for schools that want to support extracurriculars without relying on fundraising efforts that nobody enjoys. 

Frizzmo app, Clever Cash Kit chore chart, play debit card, Frizzmo Clever Cash Kit box

Create a prosperous next generation

Frizzmo will teach your child how to make, spend, save, and give wisely, so they can live a joyful, prosperous life. And it all starts with a fun game. Buy your kit now.