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Pay with Frizzmo,

Support your local school

Raise funds, leverage resources and engage a
community in supporting education

Serving 135K Schools

Not only does Frizzmo simplify chores and allowance for parents and children, but it also makes it easy to support local schools by raising money with every purchase made.

“Frizzmo shares our mission, which is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.”
PTO, Centennial Middle School


Invest in Education

Control where your roundup is allocated! Donate to your local schools, all while saving for your kids’ college

add goals to earn money

Need to earn money? We have made it simple for you to add and achieve goals to earn money

Frizzmo learning

Learn responsible money management skills as a family to achieve your personal financial goals

family spending

Your family will be able to make a monthly goal of how much you plan to donate for the month, reach that and Frizzmo will reward you

Request money

Our app offers an easy request feature that will allow you to easily transfer money to your family & friends


Sending money to family members can be made instant and with one click for simple transfers on the go

No Hidden Fees

Frizzmo is free to download and use for parents and kids alike! We want to make using our app an easy choice. Forget about hidden or surprise fees. With us, you can rest easy knowing it’s 100% free to use.

Building Good Money Habits For Life

Good money habits last a lifetime. Teaching your children the value of money, how to spend it wisely, and the importance of giving back is priceless. Frizzmo simplifies the
learning process and gives kids a tool they want to use, while parents like you can rest easy knowing it’s completely safe, secure, and built on sound financial principles.

Why Use Frizzmo?

Frizzmo is a community-based app built by parents like you who care about teaching their children how to navigate financial responsibility. We are invested in your child’s
future. That’s why we’ve also partnered with schools across the US to ensure your child’s education, and that of children around the country, continues to improve.

With a singular goal to enhance financial and saving issues that teens and parents face, we hope that our app is a tool you and your family can use and enjoy for years to come.

Safety and Security

Nothing is more important than the safety, security, and privacy of your children. That’s why we’ve built-in unique security features into the Frizzmo app.

Family settings

Parents have full control over the family. Set up customized settings for each member.

Card settings

Lost card? Not a problem, you can freeze the card and monitor where the card is being used.

Card notifications

Know when the card is being used and be sure the child is making smart financial decisions.

A debit Card that Puts Parents in Control

Our mobile app is designed to put parents in control. Parents are in complete control to help kids earn money, search and request to buy items from sites like Amazon, and much more. Easily keep track of money earned, paid, and raised for charities with a convenient dashboard while you stay connected to your children. Whether you want a better way to pay your children allowance, reward them for certain task, or set a donation goal as a family, Frizzmo makes it easy.

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